EP- Lyrics

All songs written by Leslie Diamond, Copyright 2012 Leslie Diamond Lee, All Rights Reserved.

If I Failed To Mention

Gimme love/ Gimme somethin to be afraid of/ Something fresh to quench my every need/ A little Girl/  A little girl who’s lost in this world/ but I don’t know if I can find my way/ Maybe it’s you/ or maybe it’s me/ Somebody tell me how to get to you/ So out of touch/ and so on the line/ I only have one thing to say to you/ Without this time I cannot ever imagine/ Without your way I could never know the me I know and/ CHORUS/ If I Failed to Mention/ I didn’t forget the way you called me yesterday/ Like a long day without you/ I might have whispered your name/ I thought you’d do the same/ If I failed to mention/ I needed you/ There was a time/ not so very long ago/ when finding this was so far from my mind/ A piece of me/ a piece of you along the way/ the crazy thing is how we’ve come this far/ Without this time I cannot every imagine/ Without your way I could never know the me I know and/ CHORUS/ BRIDGE/ How quickly we forget/ how we’ve come to this place/ I might have said a few things/ that I just might regret/ Won’t let it be too long before I close the door/ I know the end of this game you’ll be wanting more and/ CHORUS OUT

 Never Have I Ever

Time is such a mystery/ Don’t try to hold it in your hand/ No use singin about the blues ’cause you don’t get to choose/ I heard a woman once say/ let life take you by surprise/ ’cause if you don’t/ you know you won’t/ It’d be a shame/ so you better try/ CHORUS/ Well definitely I have seen someone’s face I’ve never seen before/ Your words may be wise/ your looks oh so kind I could try but I want more/ Never Have I Ever and I never want to look that way again/ My heart is in pieces and my only hope is where I stand/ Could it be with you/ no need to fight/ It’s true that dreams are only as far away as we let them be/ Don’t waste time over regrets/ you better take it as it comes/ No use cryin’/ you’ve got some more battles to be won/ And never doubt yourself/ you’re the only change you’ve got/ ‘Cause if you do/ you know you’ll lose/ it’d be a shame and I might cry/ CHORUS/ BRIDGE/ You were amazed that I was forced to learn/ all by myself/ Funny I didn’t even take the time to look behind/ Yes I was searchin baby but maybe you were too/  Send me a message if you’re comin home cause I miss you so/ CHORUS/ OUTRO/Time is such a mystery don’t try to hold it in your hand/ No use singin about the blues/ if I’ve got you