leslieprofilenycLeslie Diamond is no stranger to the stage.  She has performed across the country and around the world in the music and theater realms.  Her eclectic pop/rock sound was inspired by artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Paul McCartney to Fiona Apple.  Her parents had an old piano in their basement and she began playing and composing songs at a very young age.  She performed in her local church, went on to study theater and performed Internationally with the company of RENT.  During this chapter she was collecting stories and journaling.  She has found this time in NYC to be the perfect time to come back to her first love of music.  There is an honesty to her music, a bit of humor and a hunger for wanting more.  She challenges the past, relishes in the present, and looks to the future.  Leslie thrives in the live performance and her sweet rock vocals are not to be missed.